Digitizing the Oldest Black Newspaper in America—One Photograph at a Time

When John H. Murphy founded The Afro-American newspaper in 1892, his goal was to combine three separate church publications into a single-page newsletter. Murphy was both a former slave and a Civil War veteran, and in the Reconstruction era, The Afro-American served to inform and unite his Maryland community. Little did he know, it would […]

“More to Be Told”: Finding the Right Fit for Your Private Collection

It’s finally time! You’ve decided to preserve that collection of historical family artifacts you have boxed up and collecting dust. Maybe they’re a little water-stained or faded from sitting in your basement for a decade, or possibly you’re considering offering your collection to a larger audience once digitized. No matter the size or condition, your […]

Is the Internet Forever? (Not Always!)

There’s a popular argument to think twice before you share on social media, because what is shared cannot be taken back.  Once online, it is online forever. While that is more of a precaution than a hard and fast rule, it is often something we believe. But if you’ve ever read something and then tried […]

Remembering the Suffragettes: Turning Your Online Collection Into a Narrative

To celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote, libraries and museums are showcasing the historical artifacts of the century-long movement. Looking at these collections, it’s easy to see how the stories we learned in school can leave out some of the most interesting bits of […]

A Partnership in Conservation

Digitization is not done in a vacuum. Many items are too damaged or fragile to undergo digitization without conservation.” —Noah Smutz, NS Conservation Around a year ago Anderson Archival had the pleasure of discovering Noah Smutz of NS Conservation. In searching for a physical conservation solution, we learned about the work Smutz does right here […]

Building a Demonstration Collection, Part 1: First Steps

Every collection is unique. The Anderson Archival team is comprised of history and digitization enthusiasts who love a good process, thrive on curveballs, and take joy in building something from the ground up. When Anderson Archival launched as a division of Anderson Technologies, one of the first discussions we had in-house was the need for […]

A Gift to the Future: 3 Goals of Digital Heritage and the Archives Showcasing Them

Why are collectors, organizations, and institutions bringing their collections into the digital age? What makes the effort and cost of digital conservation worthwhile? As users, we can’t know the primary driving force behind the digitization of some of the most impactful collections on the internet, but at Anderson Archival, we’ve seen countless motivations for digitization. […]

Quotables: 3 Ways to Improve Intelligent Capture with Human Touch (AIIM)

Mark Anderson’s guest blog at AIIM (The Association for Intelligent Information Management) addresses the limits of IIM and how to improve results. Human factors can never be replaced by technology because of the intelligence and problem-solving care experts possess. Whether the end result is for a paperless office or a collection of documents, the metadata, […]