Quotables: 3 Ways to Improve Intelligent Capture with Human Touch (AIIM)

Mark Anderson’s guest blog at AIIM (The Association for Intelligent Information Management) addresses the limits of IIM and how to improve results. Human factors can never be replaced by technology because of the intelligence and problem-solving care experts possess. Whether the end result is for a paperless office or a collection of documents, the metadata, […]

Generate Revenue from Your Online Collection

generate revenue with monetization

Is the perceived cost of digitally archiving your collection making you hesitant to move forward with an important project? Monetizing archival collections may be the answer! Monetizing an archival collection involves electronically transforming the collection in a way that allows people to access it online for a fee. You use the digital collection to provide […]

Quotables: Where Will Your Legacy Be When You’re Gone (The Good Men Project)

Check out Mark Anderson’s recent guest contribution to The Good Men Project, laying out tips for individuals, families, and organizations to safely preserve their historical documents. Taking the right steps to preserve your important family and community collections now will prevent damage from unexpected disasters or the inevitability of time. Click here to read the […]

5 Factors That Can Affect the Timeframe of Your Archival Project

Is it finally time to kick off that digitization project you’ve been delaying for so long? Many collectors don’t realize how much time and planning go into digitizing a box of old photo albums, let alone a collection that fills an entire room or basement. If you’re applying for funding to help your or your […]

Transcription from the Crowd: Three Success Stories

The cost of paying for expert text recognition, proofreading, and quality assurance do not need to be prohibitory barriers to the completion of a digital library, recent stories show. Projects ranging from preserving digital records of the stars to documenting the civil rights and suffrage movements have employed volunteers to transcribe historical documents. Whether dedicated […]

Who Will Use This Collection and How? All About Use Cases

use cases venn diagram

Use cases. It’s simply a term for capturing the functional requirements of a digital library. Each use case is written from the user’s perspective, defining who they are and how they want and expect to use the digital collection. Understanding use cases is essential for determining how a collection will be best delivered, and what […]

The Path to Funding Your Archival Project

You have big dreams and your organization has a big impact on communities, but sometimes you run into big roadblocks when funding your projects. Some of your projects include protecting and preserving documented history, which is our mission as well, so we know how important it is to be able to fund those projects. Asking […]

Protecting and Preserving History in Uncertain Times

Protecting History with DLME

What is the duty of a library or museum? Take a moment to come up with some answers. Did you say… To preserve knowledge? To protect the history and cultures of past peoples? To share that knowledge and history with the public? To help people learn about the world around them? You probably didn’t answer […]

A Tailored Approach to Confidentiality

Picture this: you’ve spent a long time saving for an expensive tailored suit. Late nights at the office finally paid off, and now you’re prepared to invest in a sleek bespoke suit customized exactly to your specifications. When you need that suit to be styled and fitted, would you trust just any tailor listed at […]

Is Social Media the Best Way to Share Your Digital Library?

digital library image of versailles fountain

Even on the most social, shallow corners of the internet, it is becoming hard to miss the world of museums and archives. For advocates of sharing and learning from history, that’s excellent news. When building or preserving a collection, a common pressing question is “How do I get this important document in front of those […]