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Archival Experts

Ready to build a lasting digital collection? With Anderson Archival, you’ll get a team of archival specialists dedicated to the quality preservation of your materials.

Searchable Collections

Need flexible access to your collection? Anderson Archival can build a searchable website to showcase your collection or create a private, searchable database for research and preservation.

Accurate OCR Results

Does your collection demand perfection? Tired of poor quality OCR results? Our team’s focus on excellence ensures your collection is accurate to the original documents.



Are ease of access and preservation important for your invaluable collection? Have you considered what might happen to your collection in the next fire, flood, or other natural disaster? Are your important documents inaccessible for research as they sit in storage? Would you like to share your collection with the world or internally within your organization via a new website or private database?

Allow our team of trained archivists to preserve your collection in a way that best suits your needs. Whether you require pristine page-by-page image restoration or an interface for searching or presenting your documents, Anderson Archival provides quality digital archiving. We are dedicated to preserving your collection, and guaranteeing that it receives the care and skill needed to produce true image and text accuracy of the highest quality.

We give your collection the same attention you do.

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About Anderson Archival

Anderson Archival’s team is dedicated to providing high-quality digitization and archival services to preserve your collection for future generations. We understand preserving history is only part of a functional digital archive, and we offer numerous services to transform your collection into a powerful preservation and research tool. Whether you need documents scanned and restored or a custom website to search the material, Anderson Archival has the right team of personable, professional experts to assist you.

  • Professional

    We respect your business and take your concerns seriously. We stay up to date on the ever-changing technological landscape, and put that knowledge to use to find the best solution to fit your particular needs.

  • Confidential

    Many collections are not open to the public or must be kept confidential for legal reasons. Our team is experienced with handling confidential materials and is dedicated to preserving your privacy.

  • Thorough

    We never cut corners. Our dedicated team performs each step in the preservation process carefully, providing a final product superior to other digitization services.

  • Honest

    Our straightforward approach focuses on the necessities of your individual collection. We make recommendations on what you need, not on what you want to hear or what others might want to sell you.

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Do you have a collection in need of digitization?  Are you looking for a trusted partner to archive and organize it?

Digitizing a collection can seem overwhelming on your own. And what do you do with all those documents once they’ve been scanned? Trust your preservation needs to Anderson Archival, where you get the right team of experts with the right technology to make your collection accessible now and for future generations.

Reach out to us here so we can talk about your needs.

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