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Local Document Preservation

Local Document Preservation - In Your Area!

While Anderson Archival’s office is physically located in St. Louis, Missouri, we have served clients throughout the United States. Frequently, our service has involved shipping, short-term and long-term storage, scanning, on-site visits, and hosting clients. Don’t let distance determine who you trust with your valuable documents!

Even the most local and insular history can have global importance. Whatever vision you have for historical documents from your business or organization, Anderson Archival is prepared to fulfill them.

How do you choose what to digitize?


We respect your business and take your concerns seriously. We stay up to date on the ever-changing technological landscape, and put that knowledge to use to find the best solution to fit your particular needs.


Many collections are not open to the public or must be kept confidential for legal reasons. Our team is experienced with handling confidential materials and is dedicated to preserving your privacy.


We never cut corners. Our dedicated team performs each step in the preservation process carefully, providing a final product superior to other digitization services.


Our straightforward approach focuses on the necessities of your individual collection. We make recommendations on what you need, not on what you want to hear or what others might want to sell you.

Why Choose Anderson Archival?

Plenty of local document preservation firms will get the job done. Clients turn to Anderson Archival when they know that getting the job done is only part of the archival process. The experts at Anderson Archival go the extra mile when caring for, and processing, your collection. Our values are center to every job we do. In fact, providing high-quality digitization and archival is more than just a job to the members of our team: it’s a passion.

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