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Anderson Archival approaches the client/vendor relationship as a true partnership. We aren’t just here for the one-and-done. We look for relationships.

With a dedicated team invested in history, preservation, and the sharing of uncovered stories, Anderson Archival strives to make resources available that can further your digital preservation journey. 

Below, you’ll find our guides, case studies, lists, and downloadable references that can help you make the most of collection.


Locating and Applying for Grants

Looking for funding to get your digitization project completed? Check out this list of nation-wide and local opportunities.


The key to prevention is learning more about the archival community and what similar organizations did to digitize their collections.

Learn About Digital Preservation

We are committed to educating our clients and the public regarding the best practices, archival topics, and tips to digitization.

Case Studies and Testimonials

We love working with our clients. Listen to what they have to say about how we helped their collections take new life.


Our blog is full of interesting topics, news, and client stories. We strive to bring helpful information to everyone.

About Anderson Archival

Want to know a little more about Anderson Archival? Check out this downloadable brochure showcasing our process.

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