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Digital Preservation and Scanning


Digital Preservation and Scanning

Preserving the stories within a collection ensures access to the materials within even after the physical pages have deteriorated. Doing things right the first time is at the heart of Anderson Archival’s mission. Your collection doesn’t have time to redo work in the future—when it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

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Digital Preservation Through Digitization

Digital preservation scanning is essential to the archival process as it captures the content and condition of every item in your collection as it is in the present moment. Once the digital image is captured, the original sustains no further damage. Anderson Archival’s combination of innovative imaging equipment and trained archival experts guarantee your collection is in safe hands. Time is ticking. Let us help get your collection’s digital preservation scanning underway with careful, professional solutions.

Document Scanning

Our suite of imaging equipment is vetted by archival industry experts and is designed to safely support your materials during capture. Rather than using automated feeders, your document collection is treated with care and scanned by hand to protect fragile paper materials.

Digital Document Restoration

While age spots or patina can add character and historical essence, to restore images to full clarity and readability (along with an untouched archival-quality master copy for complete preservation) our specialists use special techniques to bring documents and photos back to life

Optical Character Recognition

Optical character recognition (OCR) uses specialized software to “read” text on an image and overlay that information onto the final image files. This enables searchability of your collection and has nearly limitless use cases.

Handwritten Text Recognition

Handwritten text recognition (HTR) is an advanced method of OCR that analyzes handwriting and transcribes it into readable and searchable text. Our team can train AI models to recognize proper names and even individual authors!