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Company Records

Anderson Archival offers quality document conversion services to help with the organization and preservation of company records. Whether you need bulk scans or precise digitization complete with optical character recognition (OCR) and transcription of handwritten notes, we’re here to help!

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Going Paperless

Company records tend to pile up if kept in their original physical format. Dedicating a valuable employee to the mundane tasks of scanning documents and organizing the files into reference media can be difficult—and what do you do with the media once that’s finished?

Paperless offices are the offices of the future. While paper copies can be lost, damaged, or exposed to onlookers, a paperless office keeps each document digitally safe and organized. Documents can even be shared openly with the company, or discreetly with specific people.

Document conversion services can also store and organize your backfile. We know that referencing records quickly and accurately can be especially important.

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The Process

Anderson Archival can process your documents as much as or as little as you want. We can simply scan your documents and then load them into a digital library, or we can scan, OCR, proofread, and organize them into a digital archive. We even have website-building capabilities!

Once documents have been OCRd you will be able to search the library for any word or phrase, including handwritten notes if you’ve opted to have them transcribed.

If an image needs to be cleaned because of a stain or damage, we can do that to add to the readability of the document.


Our team is well practiced when it comes to confidentiality, so your company’s records will be safe with us.

Anderson Archival teams up with our parent company Anderson Technologies to offer encryption and cloud services so you can share and access your documents no matter where you are—and keep them safe from hackers and hardware failure.

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