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Whether you want to preserve a small document collection or need a searchable database made available for the public to conduct research with ease, Anderson Archival’s historical document preservation team is ready to help you. Overwhelmed collection caretakers need not lose another night’s sleep worrying about what will happen to your collection if a disaster should strike. A digital copy will still exist even if the physical document is lost. And digitization done well means that more people than ever before have the potential to access and enjoy your collection.

Not sure where to start? Our quality digitization services team will walk you step-by-step through the digitization process. From document scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) to database creation and secure backup storage, we look at your specific needs and budget to build a custom digitization solution that’s right for your collection.

Historical book lying open

Most of all, we want to hear your story. Your collection is more than the documents. It’s your history and that holds meaning, not only to you, but to everyone you want to share it with. With the same care and enthusiasm as you have, we will preserve your collection in a lasting and easily accessible way.

Just because the scanning is done doesn’t mean we are. What’s the point of having a beautifully digitized collection no one can access? We know how to create an electronic collection with digital archiving software that supplements and enhances the interactions possible for your audience.

Your dedication keeps your collection alive. Allow us to help it thrive in a digital world.

Preserve with Anderson Archival

Our clients have a broad range of digitization needs, but they all want a preservation partner they can completely trust—one who knows how to customize solutions, cares about safeguarding their physical and digital collection, and communicates in a clear, concise manner. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to digitization solutions, and we have the expertise to handle the challenges of your specific collection, in your individual industry.
Whether you’re looking for a paperless office, facilitated research, preservation for the future, or someone who can be trusted with the care and digitization of prized collections, Anderson Archival can ensure that digital preservation works for you.

Archival Consulting

Anderson Archival is here to help you throughout the digital preservation process. Our trained archivists can help you go from an unorganized collection stashed in boxes and trash bags to a customized public portal to showcase the value and history in your possession.

Digital Preservation Scanning

Anderson Archival provides different options for scanning documents depending on your needs for quality and the intended end use. When care is an essential part of keeping a collection from deteriorating, hand scanning with the assistance of a V-cradle scanner may be the answer.

Archival Sharing Solutions

What's the point of having a robust digital archive if no one is able to use it? Anderson Archival can help you find the Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that best suits your collection, use case, and budget. No collection is the same, so find the DAM that works for you.

Collections Management

Collections management is a full-time job. Overwhelmed caretakers often don’t have the resources to fully inventory and document the materials under their care. Digital collections aren’t useful when they’re disorganized, cluttered, or incompatible formats or quality.