Digital Archival Services You Can Count On

Whether you want to scan a small collection for posterity or need an accurate and searchable database to conduct research with ease, Anderson Archival’s historical document preservation team is ready to help you with quality digitization services. We can take your collection step by step from document scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) conversion of historical scans, to database creation and secure backup storage.

Anderson Archival is as enthusiastic about preserving history as you are, and we want to help preserve your collection in a lasting and easily accessible way. We know it’s not merely about creating a digital copy; it’s about creating an electronic collection with digital archiving software that supplements and enhances the experience of your audience.

Your dedication keeps your collection alive. Allow us to help it thrive in a digital world.

Document Scanning

Anderson Archival has several options for scanning documents for clients who want a high quality, image master and access copies.

Collection Digitization

Whether you want to create or improve a digital collection, Anderson Archival has the right solution for you.

Digital Document Restoration

Bring your digital images to their original printed glory. Our specialists perform extensive clean-up to create visual perfection.

Precision OCR

Anderson Archival offers quality proofreading to provide accurate search results on text that is a true match to the original.

Helpful Resources for Your Preservation Needs

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