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Digitization of Government Documents

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Government Entities

While government entities have differing needs, there is one thing all of them have in common: documents of historical importance. Digitizing historical records preserves them safely, filing them away in digital folders instead of a massive file cabinet. Electronic preservation and storage makes records more accessible by allowing users to search the documents without having to sort through physical pages. Most importantly, the digitization of government documents keeps documents safe from natural disasters or permanent loss from physical destruction.

physical archives may benefit from digitization

Preserving and Sharing Documents

Historical documents, records, and archives contain a wealth of valuable information for historians, officials, and interested citizens. The content of these documents is not limited to the laws or codes that might come readily to mind. Government archives can explore the depth of regional and national history through documents like maps, blueprints, birth and death records, and legal contracts.

Digitization of these government documents can be necessary for a number of reasons. Physical documents can only be handled by a small number of individuals at a time, and overhandling documents causes wear that can damage the original. Digital documents can be used by multiple people at once and searched for specific content to save valuable time. Digital files can also be accessed remotely, removing physical distance as a limitation for access. The ability to quickly search through hundreds of files is essential for both internal government processes and detailed historical research, and that’s why we are here to serve you.

Anderson Archival’s expert digitization services guarantee accurate and high-quality end results, all focused on confidentiality.


Quality Scanning of Documents

There are many scanning vendors to choose from, but few can match the care and detail that Anderson Archival brings to a project. The expert digital archivists of Anderson Archival ensure that scans are clear and complete, and optical character recognition (OCR) is as accurate as possible through our extensive approach to quality assurance. Whatever the process necessary to building an ideal digital copy of government documents, Anderson Archival is prepared to offer a custom solution.