The world of archival digitization is exciting, full of the latest technology and fresh solutions. Anderson Archival is committed to educating our clients and the public on the merits of making digitization the future of your collection.

Below, find our helpful guides to the world of digitizing historical documents and making the most of your digital collection.

  • What is Digital Document Restoration?

    Digital document restoration is a process that allows your manuscripts and records to be viewed with their original quality without further compromising the condition of the physical material. The process of restoring a document digitally includes a range of variables dependent on the condition of the document and the desired final image quality…

  • Why Choose Confidential Document Digitization?

    Not sure if digitization is right for your collection because you can’t or don’t want to share it with the world? Don’t dismiss the idea too quickly. Just because your collection is private doesn’t mean it wouldn’t benefit from digitization.

  • What Are the Benefits of Sharing Your Digital Library Online?

    Once the planning, scanning, and OCR are done, you will have in your possession a full digital library. What will you do with it? Whether you want to make a public or private collection, whether you intend to monetize the collection or make it free access, there are many benefits to sharing your collection online…

  • What Is Historical Document Digitization?

    Have you ever seen a copy of the Declaration of Independence in an online collection like the one provided by the National Archives? You can click on it, zoom in, and study the document in detail. If the document has been through the optical character recognition process (OCR), you can search the document for keywords or whole phrases. That is the result of digitizing historical documents…

  • How Can Physical Preservation Prevent Document Degradation?

    How you use and maintain your collection over time is just as important to the longevity of your documents. Overhandling or inappropriate display conditions can accelerate deterioration of paper documents, but with the right knowledge and care, proper preservation is possible.

  • What is a Digital Collection or Digital Library?

    How should I preserve my documents digitally? And how can I make my collection shareable online?

    A digital library is any collection of documents that has been digitally preserved and is accessible on the internet or through software. A digital library may contain manuscripts, newspapers, books, journals, images, audio, and video….

  • Scanning 411

    Scanning is the process of creating a digital image of a physical original. The type of scanner, and the scanning method itself, is as variable as the type of document being scanned….

  • What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

    Optical character recognition (OCR) technology allows for the conversion of scanned documents and images into a layer of text while maintaining the original image. The extracted text layer is embedded in the original image, adding searchability and research functionality.

  • What Is the Best Way to Preserve Historical Documents in Storage?

    Whether the problem is as simple as a family photo album starting to yellow or as complicated as an crumbling sheet of aged parchment, collectors and conservators often come to the same question: What is the best way to preserve historical documents in storage?