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Anderson Archival Is Your Digital Preservation Solution

Anderson Archival’s team is dedicated to providing quality digitization and archival services to preserve your collection for future generations. We understand preserving an image is only part of a functional digital archive and offer numerous services to transform your collection into a powerful preservation and research tool. Whether you need documents scanned and restored or to find a DAM to store your the material, Anderson Archival has the right team of personable, professional experts for you.

Anderson Archival specializes in historical document preservation of private collection materials. Our services include scanning, detailed image cleanup, OCR (optical character recognition), exceptional proofreading of digital output to ensure accuracy, and metadata development. Quality is important to us, and we want your collection to be preserved as perfectly as possible.

Who We Are

Anderson Archival was founded upon a team of dedicated preservation staff who learned from the ground up how to make history last forever. They know that it’s more than the paper and ink being preserved; it’s the clients’ stories, passions, and dedication to their collections.

For over 25 years, Anderson Technologies has leveraged its strengths for the benefit of its clients, pulling together the right team for every project. Now we’ve expanded to include Anderson Archival and can put our technology expertise into creating quality digital collections.

Learn More About Anderson Archival

Just as no two digital preservation projects are the same, no two vendors are either. Knowing who your digital preservation partner is and the capabilities they have to complete the work helps an organization make an informed decision. Learn what makes Anderson Archival the best choice for your next project. From our approach to digital preservation, the standards we work towards, and the equipment we have available to make your digital preservation project come to life, Anderson Archival offers a customized solution to your unique needs. 

Meet the Founding Principals

Mark is an IT strategist and loves digging into technical challenges—the thornier the better. Clients are initially drawn to Mark because of his expertise across a wide variety of computer infrastructure. They soon come to love and appreciate his patience, his desire to implement the best and most cost-effective solutions for any given opportunity, and his eternal equanimity no matter what computer crisis presents itself.

Amy started her professional career as a software engineer in the Avionics Laboratory at McDonnell Douglas and later worked for Southwestern Bell, ultimately leading a software project for their largest customer at the time—the state government of Texas. In 1995, Mark and Amy started Anderson Technologies. Today, Amy likes to look at the big picture and work on the business instead of in it. Together with Mark, she is the other driving force in creating a company culture of honesty, integrity, discretion, and excellence their clients recognize and value.

Mark and Amy have gathered a team of document processing and preservation experts. For years, this team has provided exceptional, confidential archival solutions for clients. With growth, a dedicated team, and experience under their belt, they decided to officially launch a new division of Anderson Technologies: Anderson Archival.

Amy and Mark Anderson

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