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Letter Scanning and Preservation

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Do you have a collection of historical letters? Are you worried about them being lost due to time or disaster? Let Anderson Archival help you preserve them for generations to come. Many historical letters are useful to the study of history, economy, culture, and the individuals who wrote the correspondence, so why not preserve them for posterity?

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The Past in Their Own Words

Records of personal or company correspondence profoundly impacts historians’ understanding of the past. Documenting, organizing, and keeping records of letters and other types of correspondence can be incredibly important for companies or for historical reasons. That’s why we offer quality letter scanning and preservation.

Whether the letters or other types of correspondence are typed or handwritten, we can scan them, optically recognize (OCR) or transcribe them, and create a digital library of the files organized according to your needs.

Letter scanning and preservation will keep your files safe through Anderson Archival’s recommended digital storage solutions. While files can be saved to a server, backup discs, or the cloud, Anderson Archival will guide you in best practices to keep your correspondence private and secure. Even a shareable library or website needs a secure repository for digitized originals.

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Historical Letters

Historical letter scanning requires utmost care and quality assurance when handling old, brittle pages. Anderson Archival is prepared to handle these originals with gloves and gentle equipment, ensuring the return of your originals in the same condition they were given to us in.

Are some of your letters larger than the typical flatbed scanner? No problem! Our team of experts is proficient in all means necessary for the digitization of your prized collection.

Company Correspondence

Does your company use physical correspondence, or has it in the past? Do those letters and physical documents need to be preserved and filed for a modernized paperless office?

Company correspondence can be important to keep and file for legal reasons. Yet they must be kept confidential. Anderson Archival’s team is familiar with, and used to working under, confidentiality agreements, so your company’s records are safe with us. Once digitized, these files will be easy to access during auditing processes or for reference.

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