Family records

Repairing Gaps in History

Anyone who’s dabbled in genealogy knows the frustration of…
September 7, 2021/by Anderson Archival

Digging into Cemetery Records

How do organizations decide to digitize regularly used collections?

September 7, 2021/by Anderson Archival

What’s the Easiest Way to Lose a Collection?

That question seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? In fact,…
August 11, 2021/by Anderson Archival

Everlasting Ti Amo – Italian Love Letters Preserved

These days, some might consider letter writing an outdated form…
July 14, 2021/by Anderson Archival
Digital restoration of a classic

Beyond Image Capture

In the realm of preservation, it’s essential that a digital…
July 7, 2021/by Anderson Archival
Historical collections need preservation plans

More Than Digital: Building a Preservation Plan

There are so many things to consider when choosing to preserve…
June 14, 2021/by Anderson Archival
Capturing these photographs was essential

Who Can You Trust with Your History?

Recent Anderson Archival client Steve Brunkhorst found himself…
June 14, 2021/by Anderson Archival
A variety of sources can be used to answer genealogy questions

Key Documents for Unlocking Your Family History

Genealogists, whether professional or purely informal, know there…
May 19, 2021/by Anderson Archival
Digitized Register for Cayuga Asylum

Adopting Digital Preservation for a Legacy of Caring

Technology is so engrained in our everyday lives that it can…
May 18, 2021/by Anderson Archival
Digitization captured this hidden love note

Love Letters Over Zoom: Connection in the Time of COVID

The power of human connection is stronger than ever after such…
April 19, 2021/by Anderson Archival
One of Anderson Archival's team members

Holding History in Our Hands

Creating Life-Altering Memories

“I am honored to work for…
April 13, 2021/by Anderson Archival
How do you choose what to digitize?

What Should I Digitize? 3 Ways to Decide

If you’ve uncovered a box of records or your organization just…
March 22, 2021/by Anderson Archival
Can the single piece of physical evidence survive to tell the story?

A Tale of Two Explorers

The more items preserved from a historical period or event, the…
March 22, 2021/by Anderson Archival

A Cat’s Mark on History from The Hill

What do you do when tragedy befalls a one-of-a-kind document?

February 16, 2021/by Anderson Archival

3 Ways to Make Your Historical Archive Impactful Today

In leisure time alone, the average human processes at least 34…
February 15, 2021/by Anderson Archival

Inheriting a Collection: An Interview with Cape Girardeau County Archive Center Director, Marybeth Niederkorn

It’s one thing to take care of a collection that you’ve built…
January 20, 2021/by Anderson Archival
Antique Stopwatch

2020: The Time Capsule

For many different reasons, 2020 was a year to remember. The…
January 20, 2021/by Anderson Archival

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays (2020)

December 21, 2020/by Anderson Archival

Having Trouble Digitizing Your Collection? Meet Your Solution!

What does your historical collection look like? Perhaps you have…
December 16, 2020/by Anderson Archival

Hunting for History – And the Perfect Digital Archive

For years, the city of Salem, Massachusetts has been collecting,…
December 1, 2020/by Anderson Archival

Happy Thanksgiving 2020

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ voyage…
November 23, 2020/by Anderson Archival

Digitizing the Oldest Black Newspaper in America—One Photograph at a Time

When John H. Murphy founded The Afro-American newspaper in 1892,…
November 16, 2020/by Anderson Archival

“More to Be Told”: Finding the Right Fit for Your Private Collection

It’s finally time! You’ve decided to preserve that collection…
October 30, 2020/by Anderson Archival

Quotables: Protecting Paper History: 4 Rules for Safeguarding and Preserving Historical Paper Documents (TechPatio)

Principal Farica Chang, in TechPatio, shares some tips for keeping…
October 26, 2020/by Anderson Archival

Is the Internet Forever? (Not Always!)

There’s a popular argument to think twice before you share…
October 21, 2020/by Anderson Archival

Quotables: 3 Essential Ways to Preserve Your Family’s History (Living Better 50)

Principal Farica Chang, in Living Better 50, shares some tips…
October 16, 2020/by Anderson Archival

Quotables: 5 Benefits of Switching to a Paperless Office—It’s Not Just About Searching (Budget Earth)

Founding Principal Amy Anderson’s post in Budget Earth discusses…
October 9, 2020/by Anderson Archival

WWII Map Comes Home After 73 Years: Conservation and Digitization of a Soldier’s Legacy

[Above: Anderson Archival's digitized copy of the map displayed…
October 1, 2020/by Anderson Archival
box of old photos in need of preservation

Learn: How Can Physical Preservation Prevent Document Degradation?

Learn about the ways and means of physical preservation as part…
September 24, 2020/by Anderson Archival

Deciphering Your History: An Interview with German-English Genealogy Translator Katherine Schober

Many people are spending more time at home these days, which…
September 1, 2020/by Anderson Archival