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Digital Archival Sharing Solutions


Digital Archival Sharing Solutions

Your collection is more than documents or photos—it’s your history. Sharing that story is a reward for taking the steps to preserve it before time takes its toll and that history is gone forever. Once scans have been captured and the physical collection is safely rehoused, how will your collection’s legacy touch other lives?

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How Will You Share Your Collection?

Anderson Archival utilizes a number of digital archival sharing solutions to bring your collection to life with technology in digital form. Whether you want to share with only a few family members or the entire world, we’ll find the perfect permanent home for your digitized collection. These sharing solutions offer a broad range of features, ease of use, and budget impact. Share your new digital archive with a community of researchers and historians via searchable, taggable, and visually appealing digital archive platforms.

Demo Collections

Explore our demo collections, developed by our team using industry leading digital preservation platforms. Take an interactive look into the variety of digital archival sharing solutions and envision the capabilities for your own collection!