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You not only want to build a successful company, but you also want to leave a lasting legacy in your field. A company is meant to grow and expand upon its knowledge year after year, but this can only be done when your past knowledge is protected and available for years to come by preserving business history through digitization 

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Protect Your Business History Now and Forever

Don’t lose your company’s entire collection of important historical records and information to a disaster or natural deterioration over time. Act now and create a digital collection that will allow you to use the information from the past to keep growing your company in the future. Our team at Anderson Archival recognizes the importance of your corporate archives and is committed to ensuring you have a digital collection that will last beyond the physical items. 

Why Digitize Your Business History Now?

Ensure Your Company Legacy Is Protected and Preserved

Envision your business well into the future, where team members are able to appreciate stories from a past they feel connected to along with immense pride at the long history their firm represents. Preserving the history of your business is not just about the hard facts and numbers, it is the legacy you leave behind for future generations of employees and clients. Don’t let the hard work and accomplishments of the past get forgotten.  

I was looking at different providers, and you guys fit exactly what we needed. [Anderson Archival’s facilities] have everything in house. We can just send them to you and [know that] you take good care of the books. They are very fragile, they’re from the 1800s. You scan every page and then send us those files for us to keep on file for ourselves. I like that you guys are all in-house and just seem like a good reputable business. And that’s why we chose you.

The Process for Preserving Your Business History

Because we know that shoving the irreplaceable mementos of your company success in a box and shipping them off to become a barcode in a giant mystery warehouse full of strangers is not what our clients want, we focus on the human element first and always.  

1. Personalized Consultation

Trained and certified archival consultants will work with your team to understand the specific needs and unique stories behind your business's history and memorabilia. A collaborative project plan and documented requirements are delivered for approval after conversations about the special elements of your history.

2. Archival Digitization

Using state-of-the-art technology, our team meticulously digitizes each item, treating everything with the utmost care, using the same archival equipment as renowned institutions like the Smithsonian. We send samples for your approval and allow you to select the settings, filters, and file naming conventions that work best for you.

3. Digital Legacy Curation

Once digitized, your now digital treasures can then be curated into a personalized legacy portfolio. The possibilities are endless and our staff of archive specialists with advanced degrees and education can work with you to weave your business narrative into an enriching digital story designed to be accessible and preserved for all time.

If you are ready to digitally preserve your most important company assets, give Anderson Archival a call today to see how we can create a custom solution to meet your needs and help expand your legacy. 

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