Photographs are some of life’s most precious treasures. That’s why the digital archiving of photographs is so important to the experts at Anderson Archival.

Since the first use of a camera in the late 1800s, mankind has been documenting history and preserving the likenesses of loved ones and important events through the use of film.

Over time, the white in photographs becomes yellow. The edges warp and fray. Light itself harms them, fading them until the entire image becomes gray, and eventually the photo fades altogether.

But there is a solution: digital photo preservation services. Once our archivists have scanned and documented your photograph collection, your photos will be digitally preserved forever.

stack of old photos for preservation
box of old photos in need of preservation

How Can We Preserve Photos Forever?

Well, as the adage says, “nothing lasts forever.” But we can sure try. Using technology, we’ll be able to digitize your collection of photographs. You will then have them as digital files and be able to copy them to multiple locations, or, as we recommend, store them in the cloud and as well as on hardware such as backup disks.

In the future, as technology changes, we count it as our responsibility to convert any digital files we’ve made to the newer technology.

How Can You Share Your Photograph Collection?

Sharing photographs is easy once they’re converted to digital files. Digital photographs can be shared (or protected) any way a normal digital file is, especially if it lives in the cloud.

Anderson Archival also offers digital library creation and website development so you can creatively share your photographs with the world!

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