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Periodical and Newspaper Digitization Services

Items to Preserve

Periodicals and Newspapers

Looking back on a specific day in history or researching a community’s past doesn’t have to be a formidable undertaking any longer. Anderson Archival delivers expert newspaper digitization services to preserve your periodical collection for future reference.

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From Piles of Paper to Beautiful Digital Archives

Extra, extra! We begin our newspaper digitization process by scanning or photographing each document of the collection, then running the digital files through our advanced OCR software. This step is carefully planned to maintain the unique formatting and style of the original periodical.

Anderson Archival takes every necessary step to replicate the layouts and photographs that add value to your periodical collection. Not only can we perform word-for-word proofing, but we preserve the original journalistic content that serves as a cross-section for historical study.

Facilitated Research and Reference

Our archival methodology allows for quick research and searchable text. Metadata applied to your collection paves the way for searching and organizing materials by date, location, author, or any other logical qualifier. Beautiful, high-quality image display is layered with readable, searchable text, making on-site navigation a breeze that showcases the collection while keeping user experience at the forefront.

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