Experience Stories Worth Celebrating

By Operations Manager Marcia Spicer Regardless of the audience, every museum, historical society, or specialized library knows they have a story worth telling. That’s why they’ve taken countless hours, dollars, and coordinated effort to form. In collections, we often see decades of dedication and work spearheaded by a single individual or a small group who […]

Get Ready for Preservation Month

By Junior Digital Archivist Alyssa Voss On May 6th, 1973, the first National Preservation Week began. Established by the National Trust of Historic Places, the week was meant to promote heritage tourism and showcase the social and economic benefits of historic preservation on the local, state, and national levels. Donald Sheehan, the member who pitched […]

Partnering for Success

By Team Lead Marcia Spicer How many times have you encountered good work that didn’t quite meet your needs? I recently spoke with an organization that just concluded work with a digitization vendor. The vendor performed high quality digitization work—I can confirm. However, the manner in which the files were delivered made them essentially unusable […]

Exploring Family History Worry-Free

POW belt buckle. Image provided by Christopher Parrish and used with permission.  By Team Lead Marcia Spicer While much of the country braced for a pre-Christmas polar vortex and snowstorm, I got to speak with Christopher and Molly Parrish via Teams from our respective homes. The Anderson Archival team has fond memories of digitizing their […]

A Gift to the Future: 3 Goals of Digital Heritage and the Archives Showcasing Them

Why are collectors, organizations, and institutions bringing their collections into the digital age? What makes the effort and cost of digital conservation worthwhile? As users, we can’t know the primary driving force behind the digitization of some of the most impactful collections on the internet, but at Anderson Archival, we’ve seen countless motivations for digitization. […]

Reconnecting with Corporate History Through a Functional Archive

By Andrea Glazer What do local historians and corporations around the country have in common? One answer: a passion for historical corporate legacy. St. Louis-based Guarantee Electrical Company has been lighting up communities since its inception in 1902 to power the 1904 World’s Fair. Over a century later, Guarantee continues to impact not only the […]

Access to Your Archive: Make It Easy, Make a Difference

Why digitize? This is the question many archive owners, collectors, and curators face. In an increasingly digital world, analog access to collections and archives is still the norm. But should it be? A Philosophical Question If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? […]

Chronicling America One Newspaper at a Time

chronicling america - historic american newspapers

by Shana Scott Above photo from neh.gov Newspapers are unique cultural artifacts that give a broad sense of the world at the time of their printing. The articles may show what was considered important to people, but ads, classifieds, and comics all offer a window into the lives of the public. Newspapers become a snapshot […]

World Digital Preservation Day

world digital preservation day 2022

by Shana Scott The first Thursday in November is World Digital Preservation Day (WDPD). This year that falls on November 3rd.  WDPD is a way to celebrate digital preservation’s contributions to the archival community. If you’d like to join in the celebration, the Digital Preservation Coalition has lots of suggestions and ways to participate and […]

Ancestry Interred

washington park cemetery at sunset

by Andrea Glazer Above photo by Andrea Glazer, 2022. Communities are built on cultural touchstones like churches and common meeting places, parks and schools for children to learn and play, and cemeteries to lay ancestors to rest and revere their legacies. We’ve talked in the past about the importance of cemetery records to cultural heritage. […]