digital preservation of historical documents

Preserving the Past and Present for the Future

The document preservation services provided by Anderson Archival can mean the difference between physical documents destroyed by time and natural disaster and a beautiful digital collection presented to your organization, or even the world.

The process of digital preservation involves the careful scanning of originals, image cleanup of scans, expert “reading” through OCR of that text, and presentation with our proprietary database software or another method completely catered to your needs.

But what can Anderson Archival preserve? The options are nearly endless—we are experts in providing solutions to archival problems—and we can’t wait to hear about your collection and tailor a digital preservation solution for you.

Originals for Preservation

  • Periodicals

    From company or organization newsletters to widely distributed newspapers and magazines, showcase your collection in digital form. Digital preservation means beautiful display, shared access, and history kept alive.

  • Correspondence

    First-person historical letters, straight from the past, can be preserved to send their message to the future. Digital scans can clarify image quality and reveal meaning, creating a valuable backup and a digital resource.

  • Books

    Digital preservation of books means better search, research, and the possibility of sharing around the world. Text and layout accurate to the originals can be reproduced digitally to create a beautiful online reading environment, or for new physical publication.

  • Photographs

    Image quality degrades over time. Digital preservation ensures that beautiful, important images will be captured in their current state. Enhanced quality means that reproduction and digital publication are viable options!

  • Company Records

    Move your office into the digital age and save storage space! By preserving records kept in boxes or file cabinets, vital information can be kept up to date, organized, accessible, and protected from natural disaster and destruction.