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Why Convert Physical Books to Ebooks

Items to Preserve


Converting physical books to ebooks has many advantages. Does your library contain books that are falling apart? Or books that you would like to preserve for as long as possible in their current mint condition? Would you like multiple people to be able to reference the book from different locations at the same time? Perhaps you would like to be able to search them for keywords, enabling faster, more efficient research. If so, converting these books into ebooks might be a solution for you.

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Using Ebooks for Preservation

Once a book is converted into an ebook through scanning and optical character recognition (OCR), the digital book becomes a replacement in case the physical book is lost or damaged.

Anderson Archival’s expert team will carefully scan the books and then run the PDFs through a special program to optically “read” them. Then the archivists will carefully proof the digital copy, making sure the ebook is as accurate to the original as possible.

Digitized books can also be re-converted to print, creating historically-accurate copies of books that can be handled without risk of damage to the originals.

Benefits of Ebooks for Access


Many times, a certain book must be used by multiple people or referenced at different physical locations. Once a physical book is converted to an ebook, the file can be treated like any other: you can upload it to a network, share it, or print pages.

Anderson Archival knows how important security and protection for private collections can be. We work under nondisclosure agreements and can help you establish best practices when handling your documents on the web.

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Keywords for Reference and Study

Are your books used for research? To be able to key in a certain phrase or word and find where it is in a book is invaluable for research. Once your books are converted, you’ll be able to do just that! Keyword search finds topics near-instantly, even searching through multiple titles within one search. Once compiled into a digital library, you’ll be able to find that keyword in seconds.