A Gift to the Future: 3 Goals of Digital Heritage and the Archives Showcasing Them

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Happy Thanksgiving: A Time for Gratitude

Last Saturday, Amy and nine members of the Anderson family gave…
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generate revenue with monetization

Generate Revenue from Your Online Collection

Is the perceived cost of digitally archiving your collection…
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Learn: What is Digital Document Restoration?

Learn about document restoration, both physical and digital,…
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Quotables: Where Will Your Legacy Be When You’re Gone (The Good Men Project)

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5 Factors That Can Affect the Timeframe of Your Archival Project

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Transcription from the Crowd: Three Success Stories

The cost of paying for expert text recognition, proofreading,…
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Who Will Use This Collection and How? All About Use Cases

Use cases. It’s simply a term for capturing the functional…
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Learn: Scanning 411

Learn all about scanning, backups, and what makes Anderson Archival's…
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Learn: What is Historical Document Digitiziation?

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Fires Rage, History Fades

Physical structures may feel like safe, permanent homes for…
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The Path to Funding Your Archival Project

You have big dreams and your organization has a big impact on…
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How It All Began: The Start of Anderson Archival

Before Anderson Archival, there was Anderson Technologies. It…
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Karpeles Manuscript Library

Firefighters Save Historic Documents Amid Museum Fire

A St. Louis museum was compromised by a fire this week, but thankfully…
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More Than Bitcoin: Taking Blockchain Technology to Preservation

What do Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have to do with archiving?…
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Quotables: Digitizing the Stars: Harvard University’s Glass Plate Collection

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Casanova Confidential: Harding’s Letters and the Ethics of Preservation

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have you found a treasure? here are the next steps for preservation

Treasure or Trash?

Those of us who’ve seen Antiques Roadshow a few times have…
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Search Results: 0 – The Unseen Cost of Inaccurate Data and Sub-Par Solutions

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Protecting History with DLME

Protecting and Preserving History in Uncertain Times

What is the duty of a library or museum? Take a moment to come…
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5 Crucial Reasons to Digitize Your Historical Documents (and 5 Reasons You’ll Never Regret It)

Imagine you are a retired scientist who lives down the street…
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A Tailored Approach to Confidentiality

Picture this: you’ve spent a long time saving for an expensive…
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Is Social Media the Best Way to Share Your Digital Library?

Even on the most social, shallow corners of the internet, it…
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Keep Your Collection on the Cloud

You are taking the steps to preserve your organization's collection,…
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Digitization Services: A Vital Part of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Digitizing services are vital for a disaster recovery plan to…
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