Digitization Standards and Practices

By Archives Technician Shana Scott What value does an archive or historical collection provide if it can’t be shared? Access and useability help bring a collection to life, allowing visitors and patrons to discover history that otherwise would be lost to them. But how do you provide that access and sharing while still preserving and […]

Digitization of Museums: Transforming Experience in the Digital Age

By Team Lead Marcia Spicer Museums have always been regarded as the interpreters and caretakers of history, science, art, and culture. Immersing oneself in historical artifacts and knowledge can create impressions that last a lifetime. Witnessing displays of historical artifacts firsthand allows patrons to experience history in ways that static exhibits alone can’t convey. Digitization […]

Securing Your Legacy: Realistic Tips for Digital Preservation and Archiving

rusty lock

By Team Lead Marcia Spicer In a world where technology evolves at lightning speed, preserving your company’s legacy and the documents and artifacts that create your story can be a daunting task. Whether it’s decades-old documents, photographs, or digital files, maintaining an organized and accessible archive is essential. Here are six (6) realistic tips to […]

Anderson Archival’s Shana Scott Commits to ARMA

The board of St. Louis's chapter of ARMA featuring co-chair of programming, Shana Scott

Shana Scott (second to left) with the ARMA STL board By Team Lead Marcia Spicer We are proud to announce that Shana Scott, Archives Technician at Anderson Archival, has been appointed the Co-Director of Programming for the St. Louis Chapter of ARMA International (Association of Records Managers and Administrators)! This significant accomplishment highlights Shana’s dedication […]

Discover the Magic of Large-Format Document Digitization and Enhance Your Collection

Blueprints need to be captured on a large-format scanner

By Junior Digital Archivist Alyssa Voss Ever wondered how to digitize those larger-than-life documents in your collection? Whether it’s oversized newspapers, record books, or even maps and blueprints, we’ve got you covered! At Anderson Archival, we’re here to guide you through the process and ensure that your valuable items are preserved with the utmost care, […]

Partnering for Success

By Team Lead Marcia Spicer How many times have you encountered good work that didn’t quite meet your needs? I recently spoke with an organization that just concluded work with a digitization vendor. The vendor performed high quality digitization work—I can confirm. However, the manner in which the files were delivered made them essentially unusable […]

Exploring Family History Worry-Free

POW belt buckle. Image provided by Christopher Parrish and used with permission.  By Team Lead Marcia Spicer While much of the country braced for a pre-Christmas polar vortex and snowstorm, I got to speak with Christopher and Molly Parrish via Teams from our respective homes. The Anderson Archival team has fond memories of digitizing their […]

Reconnecting with Corporate History Through a Functional Archive

By Andrea Glazer What do local historians and corporations around the country have in common? One answer: a passion for historical corporate legacy. St. Louis-based Guarantee Electrical Company has been lighting up communities since its inception in 1902 to power the 1904 World’s Fair. Over a century later, Guarantee continues to impact not only the […]

What Should I Digitize? 3 Ways to Decide

How do you choose what to digitize?

If you’ve uncovered a box of records or your organization just inherited a building full of community archives, how do you determine what should be digitized first? What can be deprioritized and why? Prioritizing the materials in your collection is no small challenge, especially for non-profits and institutions that value their history and mission. Trying […]

A Cat’s Mark on History from The Hill

What do you do when tragedy befalls a one-of-a-kind document? Accidents are bound to happen, but it’s devastating when they happen to rare materials. Birth certificates and diplomas can be reissued, but unique, antique, or otherwise precious pieces of history don’t always have a simple—or successful—solution when the worst happens. Kelienne “Kelli” M. Miriani-Ripple was […]