Learn: Digital Preservation vs. Digitization

It may feel like the terms “digital preservation” and “digitization” are interchangeable, but it’s better to think of them as fingers and thumbs. All thumbs may be fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs. Digitization is the thumb and digital preservation are the fingers. Digitization is necessary to the overall function of digital preservation, but […]

Learn: What is a Digital Collection or Digital Library?

Whether you’re a researcher, student, librarian, or bibliophile, it’s likely you’ve accessed a digital collection or enjoyed a digital library. Using these convenient resources may lead you to wonder how to make your own collection sharable online. Learn about the concepts of digital collections and digital libraries in this Anderson Archival explainer. What Is a […]

Learn: Why Choose Confidential Document Digitization?

Need confidentiality for your documents?

Learn about confidential digitization, and how the benefits of a private digital collection enhance the collection itself, even when that collection isn’t public. Why Choose Confidential Document Digitization?

Learn: Why Share an Online Collection?

Learn the appeal of building a shareable online library, and the benefits one can provide your organization in Anderson Archival’s explainer. What Are the Benefits of Sharing Your Digital Library Online?

Learn: Scanning 411

Learn all about scanning, backups, and what makes Anderson Archival’s approach different in our new scanning explainer. Scanning 411