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Why It’s Crucial to Get Digitization Right the First Time

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These days, it’s all digital! Preserving personal and public history like the items included in so many family collections through digitization not only ensures that some form survives into the future, but makes that history accessible, researchable, and shareable. From cherished photographs to invaluable documents, these materials tell your family’s unique story and safeguard your heritage for future generations.

However, the process of digitization comes with its own set of challenges and potential pitfalls. When not executed properly, the consequences can be dire: unusable images, unsearchable collections, and even damaged originals.

Let’s delve into why it’s essential to get digitization right the first time and explore how to avoid common mistakes.

The Risks of Cutting Corners

When it comes to digitization, trying to cut costs by opting for a cheaper vendor or attempting a DIY approach can lead to disastrous results.

Consider the case of one of Anderson Archival’s early clients. They initially chose a vendor based solely on price, but the outcome was far from satisfactory. The scans were of poor quality, riddled with lines and debris that obscured the original material. Pages were missed, resulting in an incomplete digital collection. Worse still, the vendor didn’t use the appropriate tools, putting a one-of-a-kind collection through a feeder scanner, risking irreparable damage.

This client soon realized that trying to save money had, in fact, cost them more in the long run.

The True Cost of Inadequate Digitization

According to industry statistics, poorly executed digitization projects can result in additional costs of up to 50% more than the initial investment to correct. This doesn’t just mean financial loss; it also entails time and effort that could have been better spent elsewhere. When digitization isn’t done correctly, the need to redo the entire process becomes inevitable. Imagine having to re-scan hundreds of documents or photos because the initial digital files are unusable. It has happened to many organizations, families, and businesses. The inconvenience and frustration alone are significant, but the potential damage to the originals compounds the problem.

Digitization: An Investment, Not an Expense

Viewing digitization as an investment rather than a mere expense can fundamentally change how you approach the process. Just as you wouldn’t skimp on the foundation of a house, you shouldn’t cut corners when digitizing precious family collections. Investing in a reputable, experienced partner (not just a vendor) ensures that your digital files are high-quality, complete, and fully usable.

At Anderson Archival, we understand the value of meticulous digitization.

Our team ensures that every image is clear, every document is searchable, and every detail is preserved. For instance, we offer the option to go beyond automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) by manually correcting key search terms like names, dates, places, and titles. Compared to other vendors who utilize out of date, sub-par OCR software, Anderson Archival is always striving towards the cutting edge, working to get better results even if you select automatic OCR.

This level of attention guarantees that your collection is not only digitized but also easily navigable and useful for research or personal exploration.

The Power of Expertise: Anderson Archival's Success Story

Anderson Archival was founded to address the very issues that arise from poor digitization practices. One of our first clients was left with a subpar digital collection after choosing an inadequate vendor.

Recognizing the need for a professional touch, they turned to us. Our rigorous quality assurance processes and expertise in image quality ensured a successful second attempt. We recovered their priceless collection, making it complete and usable for research, much to their relief and satisfaction.

Making the Right Choice: Your Legacy Depends On It

Your organization’s and your family’s history is irreplaceable, and its preservation is worth doing right. Choosing a professional and reliable digitization partner like Anderson Archival can provide peace of mind knowing that your priceless materials are in safe hands.

Our goal is to help you tell your story accurately and beautifully, ensuring that future generations can appreciate and learn from it.

So, why is it important to do digitization right the first time? Because cutting corners can lead to costly mistakes, damaged originals, and unusable digital files. Treat digitization as the investment it is and entrust your family’s or your business’s legacy to professionals who understand the gravity of preserving history.

Ready to preserve your story the right way? Contact Anderson Archival today to learn how we can help you achieve a flawless digitization process from the start.

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