Why Choose Confidential Document Digitization?

Not sure if digitization is right for your collection because you can’t or don’t want to share it with the world? Don’t dismiss the idea too quickly. Just because your collection is private doesn’t mean it wouldn’t benefit from digitization. Anderson Archival has years of experience working with clients who require confidentiality for themselves and their collections.

What Does Confidential Document Digitization Mean?

Confidential digitization means you receive the utmost discretion from consultation to final product. In addition to confidentiality agreements, we work on a need to know basis, so only those working directly on your project have access to your documents. When not in use, all documents remain in storage out of traffic areas to ensure there is no unintentional exposure to delivery personnel or visitors.

During digitization, all digital copies are housed on our servers, securely backed up by a storage solution that meets HIPAA-level security and privacy standards. Anderson Archival takes IT security seriously.

What are the Benefits to Confidential Digitization?

There are many benefits to digitizing a collection of confidential or restricted documents. Even a private or company-only collection can be improved by easier access and thorough searchability, but digitization offers more than just convenience.

Emergency Backup

Disasters can hit at any time, and the information in rare or sensitive documents is at the most risk of complete loss. Digitization ensures that in the event the physical collection is destroyed, the information held in its documents will continue to exist and can be used as freely as you desire. With such important information, it is essential to safeguard against the worst-case scenarios.

Proof of Ownership

The information isn’t the only thing lost in the event of disaster or theft. The monetary value of rare or unique collections can be substantial. When lost, insurance companies pay to mitigate the loss. Full digitization gives you the ability to provide proof of every document in your possession to make sure the full value of the collection is represented.

Private Digital Library

Private collections also need to be organized, accessed, and searched. Merely having a backup in case of emergency is important, but a confidential digital library or private website can utilize your digital collection to the fullest with full searchability for internal research.

With a private digital collection, you can allow your organization or select individuals to access the information while knowing it will remain safe from the public. For non-profit organizations, companies, or private collectors, the usefulness of a confidential digital library is seen in easy access and improved productivity.

When researchers can access and search resources conveniently from their desk, the time normally spent retrieving documents or waiting for them to become available can be used in more productive ways. It also allows those who work from home to expand their responsibilities as physical proximity will no longer be an issue.

For private individuals looking to digitize their personal collections, a confidential digital library offers improved searchability and the freedom to securely access the documents from anywhere with an internet connection. A digital library can also be shared with select individuals without opening it up to the public.

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