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Preservation Methods

How Does Anderson Archival Preserve Your Collection?

Anderson Archival’s digital archivists follow industry standard best practices to provide our clients with the highest quality digital files. We work with you to determine the best formats and access methods for your digital collection.

Preserve with Anderson Archival

Master and Access Files

Good digital preservation relies on both quality and accessibility. Anderson Archival provides all clients with high-quality master files, as well as smaller access copies for patron use.

Organized PDF Files

Technology becomes obsolete at an astounding rate. Anderson Archival uses ISO standard archival files formats that will remain accessible for decades to come.

Website and Databases

Tired of digging through musty files and squinting to read decades-old fine print? Anderson Archival can upgrade your dusty storage closet to a cloud-based online platform.

What Is Your Vision?

The scope of your digitization project most likely depends on your desired end goal. Does your organization need a new research database, or are you planning to preserve a collection of family relics? Different collections require individualized approaches. Though our digitization methods and technologies share an innovative goal, Anderson Archival’s first priority is to create a vision with you as well as for you.

Digitizing archival materials can take many different final forms. Not every method will be a good fit for your collection, but part of the discovery phase of each project involves thinking about how your collection will be used by future generations.

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