How Does Anderson Archival Preserve Your Collection?


    Technology becomes obsolete at an astounding rate. Rather than digitize a collection over and over again every time you need to upgrade your devices, Anderson Archival will keep your collection in the modern age by assuring it exists in the most current file formats necessary for your use.


    Does your industry require specialty software or applications? Anderson Archival strives to make your newly-digitized materials as useful to you as possible, making use of our proprietary software and customizing it to best suit your needs.


    Tired of digging through musty files and squinting to read decades-old fine print? A custom website or database makes your collection accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Anderson Archival can upgrade your dark and dusty storage closet to a cloud-based online platform, making it that much easier to share with the world.

What is your vision?

The scope of your digitization project most likely depends on your desired end goal. Does your organization need a new research database, or are you planning to preserve a collection of family relics? Different collections require individualized approaches. Though our digitization methods and technologies share an innovative goal, Anderson Archival’s first priority is to create a vision with you as well as for you.

Digitizing archival materials can take many different final forms. Not every method will be a good fit for your collection, but part of the discovery phase of each project involves thinking about how your collection will be used by future generations.

Is preservation of documents important to you? Contact us today!