Digital Book Transcription

Preserving historical or culturally significant books can be daunting, especially if they are highly used or require a specialized environment. You may want to continue to provide complete access while keeping safe the book’s physical integrity. That’s where digital book transcription can help you have your cake and eat it too.

Anderson Archival’s experienced team can bring your book or collection into the digital age. We will handle each book with the care and attention it needs throughout our digitization process. Books are scanned or photographed into digital images that are then transcribed by our advanced optical character recognition (OCR) software and proofed by trained staff for problems software can’t catch.

Once OCR’d, Anderson Archival replicates the original book in a searchable PDF or EPUB file. This kind of digital collection can provide you with a digital word-for-word copy of the book that can be easily searched, reproduced, and shared with no risk of damage or loss to the original.

Protection Against Disaster

The last thing any collector or curator wants to imagine is disaster befalling their collection. Through digital book transcription, any collection is preserved no matter what happens to the original books: fire, flood, hurricane, or tornado. With a digital collection your materials are safely preserved.

Anderson Archival has expert understanding of digital storage methods and can guide you to the best practices for storing your digital collection, both in or outside of the cloud. With us, you’ll know your collection is ready to be used, even if the books themselves no longer are.

Do you have precious books that you’d like transcribed for readability? Call Anderson Archival today!