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PDF File Preservation Services

Have you ever wondered how convenient it would be for all of your physical documents to be converted to PDFs? Safeguarding your documents and making them searchable and accessible to other people are just a few reasons to have your documents converted to PDFs, and Anderson Archival is experienced with unique PDF file preservation solutions that will match your desires and requirements.

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Preservation in the Digital Age

Converting documents into PDF files makes them surprisingly robust in technological terms. The PDF’s content is cleanly displayed and completely searchable with a fairly small file size and the content will look the same on any computer.

After we scan a document, we can clean an image to improve text visibility and “read” the document through our optical character recognition (OCR) software. After that, our team can proofread the digital document to make sure it reflects the original with utmost accuracy. Once the image is read, we convert the file to PDF where we can insert metadata to tell the computer how you want it to identify your document for when you search for it.

What Is Metadata?

Metadata is data about your document. Inserting metadata gives your computer insight to what each document holds, making it more of a library where you can search not just for key phrases within the documents, but also for a specific author or the specific dates the document was written on or pertains to, if known. We can add titles, specific keywords, dates modified, and more depending on your specifications.

Once your collection is created, with each document having its own set of metadata, you’ll be able to view and search the document, have it organized, or even create a digital library or personalized collection.

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Why Choose PDF File Format?

The beauty of PDF format is universality. It doesn’t matter if you use a Mac or PC or want to share a document with someone who only has a mobile device. Even mobile devices will allow you to view the document with it looking exactly as it should.

If you’ve had your images OCR’d, you’ll find that it feels like you’re reading the original document because that’s the image you see. But you can highlight text and copy it, or search through it using the Find feature in Adobe Acrobat—and so can anyone else you’ve given access to. Industry standard PDFs ensure that documents will be accessible in the future even as technology changes. Anderson Archival is prepared to keep your data usable and up to date with technology.

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