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Historical Document Preservation

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Historical Documents

Digital historical document preservation removes the uncertainty of maintaining a physical collection and making it available for reading and research. Regardless of the current condition, your collection of historical books and documents can be preserved forever digitally. When perfection matters, trust your precious original documents to Anderson Archival.

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History - Preserved and Accessible

Anderson Archival believes in quality. Each word, each character is carefully examined for accuracy. Our expert archivists usher each document through the digitization process carefully, making sure to preserve the integrity of the originals. Books and papers are scanned and/or photographed, and then, depending on your needs, put through digital cleaning and reading processes.

Once finalized, these pages can be made into eBooks, published on our proprietary digital library software, shared on the Web, or republished physically while retaining historical layout, wording, and punctuation.

Digital Research and Access

One of the worst limitations of a physical collection is that of access. When important documents and history are unavailable to researchers and interested readers, valuable data goes unused and unread. A digital collection ensures not only that multiple people can have access, but that research is facilitated by powerful search tools and the ability to print exact copies of original pages for later reference.

Rather than risking the delicate original pages of a collection to travel, skin oils, and accident, countless researchers can access digital copies safely.

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historical book in need of digital preservation receiving white glove handling

Historically-Accurate Republication

The benefits of digital historical document preservation expand beyond the digital realm. Replicated layouts and word-for-word proofed text can be utilized in physical book publication, retaining the original’s intended meaning.