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Webinar: Protecting Family Legacy

Protecting Family Legacy Through Digitization: A Conversation

Like Molly, and so many other family historians (the lucky few who become guardians of family history, albums, letters, and material), Anderson Archival client Kelly Donovan felt ownership and urgency surrounding the family history she had been entrusted with. She knew she needed to be the one after multiple generations who did something with the family collection, but wasn’t yet sure what. 

Enter Anderson Archival, a digitization and preservation firm dedicated to protecting and preserving stories like those entrusted to Molly and Kelly. 

This webinar has concluded. 

Join Anderson Archival client Kelly Donovan to hear about her experience as family historian and being the one who finally did something about the pieces of history piling up. 

In this session we discussed:

  1. The not-so-unique role of a family historian
  2. Digitization as preservation and a sharing solution
  3. Highlights, exploration, and discoveries in a digital collection
  4. Working with Anderson Archival

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