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Webinar: A Legacy of Love

Digitized Letters Bridge Generations

Digitization captured this hidden love note

Hundreds of letters. Envelopes, folded paper, hidden messages. Years of family history during war.

Rosemary Cassie faced the daunting task of trying to preserve the collection of her father’s love letters to her mother and to somehow make them accessible. When she found Anderson Archival, it all fell into place. The result is a digitized collection the family still explores over Zoom, and a physical collection that is able to be reviewed without worry. 

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Join Anderson Archival client Rosemary Cassie to hear about how digitized love letters are still connecting family and how Anderson Archival enabled meaningful connections. 

In this session we will discuss:

  1. The not-so-unique role of a family historian
  2. Digitization as preservation and a sharing solution
  3. Highlights, exploration, and discoveries in a digital collection
  4. Working with Anderson Archival

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