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Saving to the Cloud

One of the most important reasons to digitize your collection is to back up your documents in case of emergency. Anderson Archival’s cloud backup storage services recommends a hybrid approach, which creates both a physical backup onto a hard disk as well as digital backups of your documents to the cloud. You will be able to store, share, and access your documents at any time.

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Online Access

Access and Protection in the Cloud

Anderson Archival’s services are more than archive creation. We want to help you store your archive safely. For that, the cloud is key, but which cloud backup storage services should you invest in? Let the storage experts at Anderson Archival develop a cloud backup method for your digital collection!

Access from Anywhere

Cloud storage is more than a place to keep files. It allows expanded use from staff and the public.

Geographic Protection

Cloud backups allow you to have a copy of your collection in a different location in case of regional disaster.


Unlike a physical space, cloud storage can be easily increased as your digital collection grows.


Most cloud storage is priced based on how much data you have, meaning you only pay for what you need.

Is Cloud Storage Right for Your Collection?

Storing precious data in a digital collection is worlds away from boxes and bookshelves filled with materials. While it’s understandable to be cautious when adopting new technology, we believe cloud backups can add an extra layer of security and preservation to each collection. With cloud computing, your digitized collection is accessible whenever and wherever you need it. Your collection will be accessible from any device with an internet connection (workstations, laptops, tablets, or smartphones), not limited to one physical location.

Cloud backups enable users to have at least two copies of their digital files—a local copy and a copy in the cloud. That means device failure is no longer a problem. Files are immediately available for recovery by logging in to the cloud environment on the internet.

The popularity of cloud computing technology is growing, and our cloud consulting expertise continues to grow with the industry. Whether you need cloud-based backup services, cloud-based collection sharing products, or cloud-based monitoring and anti-virus protection for your preserved collection, we’ll recommend a plan that meets your needs and your budget.

Additional Backups: Off of the Cloud

Many of Anderson Archival’s clients don’t want to rely on a single backup method. When secure backups of hard drives or even physical, printed material are requested, Anderson Archival goes the extra mile to keep your collection safe. We partner with underground storage facilities and printers to ensure your collection’s safety for the future.

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Anderson Archival is ready to assess the needs of your collection and recommend the right cloud backup storage services resources to meet your budgetary restrictions, security requirements, and computing demands.