Optical Character Recognition

sample doc from our optical character recognition services

Our quality digitizing services preserve precious works for future generations to enjoy. A certain perfectionist attitude fills each member of our trained staff, and they transfer this quality to all the digitizing services we offer.  As a division of Anderson Technologies, Anderson Archival has the expertise to provide outstanding document scanning, optical character recognition, and digitizing services to ensure your collection is updated into a format that will best survive into the future.

Anderson Archival is as enthusiastic about preserving history as you are, and we want to help preserve your collection in a lasting and easily accessible way. We know it’s not merely about creating a digital copy; it’s about creating an electronic collection that supplements and enhances the experience of your audience.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Proofing Services

OCR is the process that makes a document searchable, but poor OCR leaves you with less searchability than expected. When we digitize paper documents, we always include text-verification by one of our staff to make sure your documents are as accurate as the software can make it.

Unfortunately, text-verification through OCR software can only go so far, and incorrect words might not get flagged for review. To ensure top quality searchable PDFs, our trained proofreaders also perform word-for-word comparisons when a collection calls for utmost accuracy.


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