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Anderson Archival’s Liz Paris Named Secretary of ASLAA for 2024

One of Anderson Archival's team members

By Operations Manager Marcia Spicer

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Liz Paris, a digital archivist at Anderson Archival, has been appointed as the Secretary of the Association of St. Louis Area Archivists (ASLAA) for the year 2024. This prestigious position recognizes Liz’s commitment to the field of archival science and her continuous efforts to advance it.

Liz Paris

A Career Marked by Dedication and Excellence

Liz Paris has built an impressive career in archival science. Her work at Anderson Archival involves meticulous digitization of historical documents, ensuring their preservation for future generations. She has been instrumental in the transformation of numerous collections into digital form, thus making them accessible to a wider audience.

As Secretary of ASLAA for the upcoming year, Liz will play a key role in the organization’s initiatives and operations. She will bring her extensive knowledge of digital archiving to the table, helping to guide the association’s strategies in this area.

Looking Forward to 2024

We are incredibly proud of Liz and her accomplishments. Her appointment as Secretary of ASLAA 2024 is well-deserved, and we are confident she will excel in this new role.

As we look to 2024, we anticipate great things from Liz and the ASLAA. We are excited to see how her leadership and expertise will further enhance the field of archival science and contribute to the growth of ASLAA.

Please join us in congratulating Liz Paris on this outstanding achievement!

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