Create a Quality Paperless Office for Your Business with Digitizing Services

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As technology integrates into our daily lives, many small businesses are moving from file cabinets to searchable file databases. Does your small business’ data still exist on paper, or has it been digitized poorly? Document scanning services are the solution.

Anderson Archival’s team of document conversion services specialists are experts in making your business more efficient and in keeping your data safe from loss, natural disaster, and outdated technology. Your small business deserves the attention to detail and care that Anderson Archival brings to document preservation.

What Are Document Scanning Services?

At Anderson Archival, every preservation project is unique.

First, we audit your current data situation. Records come in many shapes and sizes, all of which Anderson Archival is prepared to preserve for you. Whatever state these pages are in, physical or digital, handwritten, damaged by time and nature, our digitizing services will bring your business into the future.

How Can Document Conversion Services Help My Business?

In cases of natural disaster, scanned copies may be the only records that survive. Boxes or file systems of important client data, historical records, and original publications can be easily lost in a hurricane, tornado, fire or flood. In the event of a disaster, proactive preservation of these documents can save your business.

Document conversion begin with the careful scanning of your papers, records, and publications. Then, our team removes any visual flaws from the scanned pages. Tears, stains, or excessive handwriting can obscure historical text. Additional processes like handwriting transcription and image enhancement are also available.

Our expert archival team will put your documents through optical character recognition (OCR) software, proofread the text, and create searchable PDFs – preserved and digitally accessible. These new digital databases are more efficient for you and your team and mean a quick keystroke can bring relevant documents to your screen instead of hours wasted looking through boxes for a key phrase or relevant document.

Another benefit of these databases is accessibility. Depending on your needs, Anderson Archival offers several options: a local database for a single computer, a database accessible from any computer on a network, a cloud-hosted database, or even a full index on a publicly searchable website.

Digital databases remove the worry that comes from operating with modern technology. Malware, ransomware, or data loss from natural disaster or human error, are circumvented by digital copies and guaranteed backups. Anderson Archival is a division of Anderson Technologies, so in addition to the highly personalized preservation process, our managed IT services team can help protect your technological systems and new digital collections from cyber vulnerabilities or attacks.

Anderson Archival is a highly-skilled team of scanning experts. For more information on our digitizing services, email or call 314.259.1900 today.

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