Hit by Flooding? Here Are 3 Things You Can Do Now

Hit by flooding

by Marcia Spicer Plus: two ways you can prepare for the future to conclude National Preparedness Month  The summer of 2022 has been a season of unexpected flooding for many areas, including our own here in St. Louis, Missouri. Many of our friends and neighbors experienced damage and loss—placing this particular natural disaster at the […]

Preventing the Worst-Case Scenario

national preparedness month

by Marcia Spicer Ask any archivist, collector, or researcher who works with historical materials what their worst nightmare is, and you’ll probably get a few variations of the same answer. Total loss and destruction of a collection, history, language, people… you can’t get much worse.  Yes, recovery techniques have dramatically improved over the last 100 […]

Fires Rage, History Fades

fire at Museu

Physical structures may feel like safe, permanent homes for humanity’s history, but they are also fragile, vulnerable to human error and malice alike.” – Andrew Lapin, NPR If you saw our recent article about the Karpeles Museum fire in St. Louis, you’re well aware of the dangers that threaten physical historical manuscripts. Flood, flame, and […]