Everlasting Ti Amo – Italian Love Letters Preserved

These days, some might consider letter writing an outdated form of communication or even a lost art. But at a time when one couldn’t simply send a text or email to a faraway love, these collections are a testament to everlasting human relationships. Correspondence has the ability to tell a story, and a collection of letters can […]

Beyond Image Capture

Digital restoration of a classic

In the realm of preservation, it’s essential that a digital file—a digital representation of the original object—accurately captures the current state of a physical object. The image file should effectively serve as a placeholder, an equivalent representation to the original object. That, along with secure storage and access, make up the field of digital preservation. […]

More Than Digital: Building a Preservation Plan

Historical collections need preservation plans

There are so many things to consider when choosing to preserve a collection, both in digital and physical format. Though the needs of digital preservation are not the same as those of physical preservation, it’s important to keep both sides in mind when building a preservation plan. Neglecting one could reduce quality and access to […]

Who Can You Trust with Your History?

Capturing these photographs was essential

Recent Anderson Archival client Steve Brunkhorst found himself the caretaker of four old family albums. Like many others in the same situation, he didn’t know how to share the collection with his family in a way that was fair and sustainable for the materials. But the biggest challenge was finding someone he knew he could […]

Key Documents for Unlocking Your Family History

A variety of sources can be used to answer genealogy questions

Genealogists, whether professional or purely informal, know there is no true replacement for detailed family records and primary source documents. Predecessors with a mind towards preservation end up doing work for their progeny, providing essential names, dates, locations, and the answers to many other burning questions. But let’s face it, most people researching their family’s […]

Adopting Digital Preservation for a Legacy of Caring

Digitized Register for Cayuga Asylum

Technology is so engrained in our everyday lives that it can be hard to imagine a time when the only evidence of one’s ancestry was a single handwritten line in an archive across the country. But before the age of virtual records and digital paper trails, this was the only option for some people hunting […]

Love Letters Over Zoom: Connection in the Time of COVID

Digitization captured this hidden love note

The power of human connection is stronger than ever after such a disruptive year. It’s hard to feel close to loved ones when, over the course of a life, people spread out and go in their own directions. Historical collections can show us that those connections are still powerful and tangible even from afar. We […]

Holding History in Our Hands

One of Anderson Archival's team members

Creating Life-Altering Memories “I am honored to work for a company where I get to help our clients preserve historical documents,” says content specialist Marcia Spicer of her work at Anderson Archival. “Whether they are the private memories from someone who never imagined their words would survive through the generations or a public collection that […]

A Tale of Two Explorers

Can the single piece of physical evidence survive to tell the story?

The more items preserved from a historical period or event, the better our understanding of what happened, how people lived, and what was important at the time. But sometimes a single artifact or document can shed light on unknown or obscured history. Oftentimes these types of artifacts are hidden away in family collections or lost […]

A Cat’s Mark on History from The Hill

What do you do when tragedy befalls a one-of-a-kind document? Accidents are bound to happen, but it’s devastating when they happen to rare materials. Birth certificates and diplomas can be reissued, but unique, antique, or otherwise precious pieces of history don’t always have a simple—or successful—solution when the worst happens. Kelienne “Kelli” M. Miriani-Ripple was […]