It looks fantastic! I am so impressed and happy with you and the team’s passion and thoroughness of how you approached and executed this project. My family is deeply touched and appreciative.
Rosemary CassieFamily Collection

[For] the digitization of the collection, you guys were very helpful. We decided to go with the JPEG form and definitely higher resolution… Another way that Anderson Archival helped was guiding us in how the files were organized.

Carla PasettiFamily Collection

We will have replicas made from the digital copies to use for display at our speaking engagements and book signings with our new book… It is important that we stop further damage to the map and showcase our father’s signature and those of his buddies.

Myra MillerHistorical Document

What made me think of wanting to digitize them was everyone asking who will inherit the letters. I’m like, “Well, everybody should have the letters.”

People don’t think a lot about building that connection with a family that’s dispersed, especially during a pandemic. What a role these letters have played in a time when we haven’t even been able to have a service or a mass for my mom. We’ve been able to have a memorial weekend—memorialized both of them, actually—in a way that probably we wouldn’t have done if we hadn’t been in the middle of a pandemic.

The letters just keep giving us the opportunity to connect. The ability to read them chronologically without the hassle of opening them and unfolding them, and just the fact that we can scale it digitally is the number one benefit.

Rosemary CassieFamily Collection

I enthusiastically recommend that people [who] have documents, photographs, or anything else that needs to be organized get in touch with you and see what you can do for them. Everybody’s got a big cache of photo albums. People my age still don’t want to just throw things away without having some copy or some reference to it, so I’m looking forward to telling other people about Anderson Archival and showing them what I’ve received. Hopefully, it’s a solution for some other people to know.

Steve BrunkhorstFamily Collection

Looking through the books, it was actually very hard to find [the person’s name] because your eyes miss things. But as it was digitized, I was actually able to find the exact page that [the requester’s] aunt was on, and I was able to print and send that page to them because it was digitized. They were out of state, so she was so grateful. Because the image was so clear I was able to print them out a blank one and then I also printed out one where I was able to highlight where she was in the page.

Laurel BennettExecutive Assistant, Cayuga Centers

I really appreciated when the scanning was done, as you were working to put it together in additional formats, [your team] was very willing to arrange it in a way that would make sense to us. Again, I can’t say enough nice things about how impressed I was with the service and the communication back and forth throughout the project. It was all very professional, and I really appreciate that type of process.

Rosemary CassieFamily Collection

I was looking at different providers, and you guys fit exactly what we needed. [Anderson Archival’s facilities] have everything in house. We can just send them to you and [know that] you take good care of the books. They are very fragile, they’re from the 1800s. You scan every page and then send us those files for us to keep on file for ourselves. I like that you guys are all in-house and just seem like a good reputable business. And that’s why we chose you.

Laurel BennettExecutive Assistant, Cayuga Centers

Everyone has some interest in these old photo albums, so this was a problem staring me in the face. I was trying to find a way to share the albums in a way that was equitable and could be appreciated and easily accessible.

I had some knowledge of what I wanted done, but I knew I did not want to do it myself for a couple of reasons.

I was looking for a local company because I did not really want to take these irreplaceable albums and put them in the mail to someone I did not know. I was hoping I would [physically] hand [over] my documents and feel like there was some personal accountability rather than putting a box in the mail.

I was just blown away. [Principal Mark Anderson] came over and talked to me a little bit and gave me a lot of confidence that I was for sure in the right place.

Steve BrunkhorstFamily Collection