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Don’t waste your time and money on paperless office solutions that won’t meet all your needs. In law, even a comma can be crucial, so go with the company that offers the highest quality digital conversion. Anderson Archival provides expert digitization services that guarantee accurate and high-quality results.

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Law Firm Records

Accuracy matters when it comes to law firms and client data. It might seem simple to grab an off-the-shelf paperless office solution, a few interns, and a stack of old files to begin the time consuming process of digitizing important records and information. An out-of-the-box optical character recognition (OCR) software can only read as well as the quality of the source materials. Poor image scans, stains, strange or old font styles, and hand-written notes can all stump the software and leave you with poor-quality or incomplete digital copies.

Anderson Archival takes pride in providing the most accurate and complete digital conversion of paper records possible. Our trained team will scan high-quality digital copies of your records and clean the images as needed. Once OCR’d, the files go through additional human proofing and manual transcription of any handwritten notes. Customized metadata can be added to the files to make them easily retrievable through keywords, names, or specialized identifying information.

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Anderson Archival understands the necessity of maintaining strict confidentiality for our clients. Even the simplest piece of general office paperwork in a law firm needs to be treated with the same confidentiality as an attorney’s notes. You can be certain that your clients’ information is safe throughout the digitization process.

On-the-Go Office

More than simply a bulk database of old files, Anderson Archival’s information management system for law firm records can allow you to use them no matter where you need to work. Either through custom websites or private online databases, your legal documents can be at hand when you need them. Fast, simple searching means you won’t be floundering for necessary documents.

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