Digging into Cemetery Records

Oakland Cemetery letterhead

How do organizations decide to digitize regularly used collections? Infrastructural organizations like libraries, hospitals, schools, churches, and nonprofits rely on accurate, accessible records. Putting collections of essential records to the side for processing isn’t always feasible, and digitization isn’t fast when done correctly. Once an organization moves forward with digitizing their collection, decision makers often […]

Everlasting Ti Amo – Italian Love Letters Preserved

wedding card before restoration

These days, some might consider letter writing an outdated form of communication or even a lost art. But at a time when one couldn’t simply send a text or email to a faraway love, these collections are a testament to everlasting human relationships. Correspondence has the ability to tell a story, and a collection of letters can […]

A Partnership in Conservation

Noah Smutz

Digitization is not done in a vacuum. Many items are too damaged or fragile to undergo digitization without conservation.” —Noah Smutz, NS Conservation Around a year ago Anderson Archival had the pleasure of discovering Noah Smutz of NS Conservation. In searching for a physical conservation solution, we learned about the work Smutz does right here […]