How It All Began: The Start of Anderson Archival

Before Anderson Archival, there was Anderson Technologies. It might seem strange that an IT company would branch into digital archiving, but the story behind this expansion showcases what clients of both firms know about us: integrity, dedication, and client focus are core values at the heart of all we do. Our hallmarks include expertise and […]

Firefighters Save Historic Documents Amid Museum Fire

Karpeles Manuscript Library

A St. Louis museum was compromised by a fire this week, but thankfully most of the collection had been digitized! Late Tuesday night, March 26, 2019, a four-alarm fire broke out in the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum in South St. Louis. As a St. Louis-based company dedicated to digitally archiving historic documents, this almost-tragedy hit […]

Quotables: Digitizing the Stars: Harvard University’s Glass Plate Collection

Check out Anderson Archival’s recent contribution to bloggERS! The Blog of SAA’s Electronic Records Section. Digital Archivist Shana Scott presents a case study from Harvard University’s preservation of night sky photographs. Scott tells the story of astronomer Dr. Henry Draper, his wife Anna, and the women of Harvard’s Observatory who were dedicated to the preservation […]

Casanova Confidential: Harding’s Letters and the Ethics of Preservation

How do we balance our responsibility to accurately record history and our dedication to preserving it ethically? Experienced archivists know how to separate their personal feelings from the materials they set out to preserve. They aren’t always tasked with endorsing the material, but simply preserving it. Dedicated archivists feel obligated to document the past, regardless […]

Search Results: 0 – The Unseen Cost of Inaccurate Data and Sub-Par Solutions

Anderson Archival is pleased to have presented at Digital Preservation 2018 (#digipres18) in Las Vegas in October! The conference, with a theme on the future of digital preservation was hosted by the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) and the Digital Library Foundation (DLF). At the conference we highlighted what archivists should consider when creating or updating a digital collection, when not […]

Protecting and Preserving History in Uncertain Times

Protecting History with DLME

What is the duty of a library or museum? Take a moment to come up with some answers. Did you say… To preserve knowledge? To protect the history and cultures of past peoples? To share that knowledge and history with the public? To help people learn about the world around them? You probably didn’t answer […]

Digitization Services: A Vital Part of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

water damaged book spine in decay

Digitizing services are vital for a disaster recovery plan to electronically restore your collection when destruction hits. Maybe you already have a disaster recovery plan for the computer equipment you use in your home and office everyday, but what about the priceless materials in your collection? Whether you curate a museum with a significant compendium […]

Creating a Digital Library

historical photograph preservation

Do your organization’s historical books or records need digitizing? Could you benefit from a searchable database of digitized documents? Scanning then, digitally cleaning and watermarking those scans begins the digital preservation process. Once complete, optical character recognition (OCR) and detailed quality assurance can be performed. These steps create electronic libraries that will protect your documents […]

Need to Convert Out-of-Date Historical Scans? Outsource OCR Services!

Peter Rabbit digital OCR

Historical digitization services have been a part of preservation plans for decades, but the technology has improved dramatically. With optical character recognition (OCR), which creates the ability to search through the text of any scanned image, your collection has the potential to become a functional research tool for anyone viewing your digital library. Converting historical […]