Quotables: 5 Tips for developing a paperless office (The Business Woman Media)

Founding Principal Amy Anderson’s post in The Business Woman Media covers the basics of moving to a paperless office. This process can feel confusing or downright overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what your goals are or how to start. Click here to read the full article! Do you have a historical document collection that you’d like […]

Quotables: 9 Ways Going Digital Can Increase Your Business’s Value (Home Business Mag)

Farica Chang’s post in Home Business Mag outlines the benefits of digitizing a business. Through proper digital preservation techniques, your scanned documents can contain metadata tagging, optical character recognition (OCR), and other tools to make your data easily searchable by anyone in your company. Quick search and reliable digital provenance are a boon to all […]

Quotables: 5 Steps for Organizing Your Paperless Office (Young Upstarts)

Principal Farica Chang’s guest blog for Young Upstarts stresses the importance of planning and security when moving to a paperless office—or starting an archival project. Some questions to help direct your planning stage are the following: What exactly do you want to digitize? Which physical copies will be shredded and what will be preserved? What […]

Quotables: 3 Ways to Improve Intelligent Capture with Human Touch (AIIM)

Mark Anderson’s guest blog at AIIM (The Association for Intelligent Information Management) addresses the limits of IIM and how to improve results. Human factors can never be replaced by technology because of the intelligence and problem-solving care experts possess. Whether the end result is for a paperless office or a collection of documents, the metadata, […]

Worry-Free Audits with Anderson Archival

stack of old books

Many businesses find themselves subject to regular audits by government agencies or conduct detailed internal audits on a regular basis. Whatever the nature of the audits, monthly, quarterly, or yearly cycles of digitization can significantly expedite this process and preserve content for digital storage, saving them for the future. Handwritten notes are often necessary in […]

Create a Quality Paperless Office for Your Business with Digitizing Services

Historical book lying open

As technology integrates into our daily lives, many small businesses are moving from file cabinets to searchable file databases. Does your small business’ data still exist on paper, or has it been digitized poorly? Document scanning services are the solution. Anderson Archival’s team of document conversion services specialists are experts in making your business more […]