Digital Preservation You Can Count On

Hiring an internal digital preservation team can be costly and limits the range of potential digitization solutions. With Anderson Archival, you’ll get an expert team of archivists tailoring their work to your business or organization’s needs. Our diverse team of professionals know the technology, process, and care needed to truly preserve your collections digitally.

The Anderson Archival team has years of experience in delivering a full spectrum of high-quality digitization solutions. Through communication and empathy, we craft the right solution to meet the preservation needs specific to your industry.

Digitization Solutions Geared to Your Industry

Our clients have a broad range of digitization needs, but they all want a preservation partner they can completely trust—one who knows how to customize solutions, cares about safeguarding their physical and digital collection, and communicates in a clear, concise manner. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to digitization solutions, and we have the expertise to handle the challenges of your specific collection, in your individual industry.

Whether you are looking for a paperless office, facilitated research, preservation for the future, or someone who can be trusted with the care and digitization of prized collections, Anderson Archival can ensure that digital preservation works for you.



    With our customizable preservation solutions, the size and condition of the collection doesn’t matter. A digital library can be at your fingertips!


    Digitization expands access to historical collections while ensuring they’re preserved for future audiences. Let Anderson Archival help bring your history to life.


    Personal and private collections benefit from digitization, too. Increase their usability, maintain a digital record, and enhance search.


    Whether you are a fan or an insider, Anderson Archival can build a digital collection of entertainment-related materials that celebrates the originals.


    Digitization provides educational institutions with opportunities to reach more students and researchers.


    Publishers and periodicals can preserve their publications for generations to come.

  • LAW

    Detail-oriented digitization makes specific search fast and easy, facilitating law practice and research.


    Governmental documents and history are objects of internal use and public interest. Save and/or share them with a digital library.


    Searchable records for the insurance industry created by Anderson Archival are held to the highest security and quality standards.


    Move towards a paperless office or simply expedite search through historical data, personal accounts, and documentation.


    Preservation of sports memorabilia is only the beginning! Anderson Archival can create a digital museum to display your collection.

Does your industry need digitization? Contact us today!