Digitization in Insurance Industry

Insurance Documents

Insurance agencies handle many important documents that tend to stack up. Proposal forms, policies, cover notes, certificates of insurance, and endorsements, just to name a few. Are you thinking about shifting to a paperless office to cut down on the storage space and chaos of paper packets and manila envelopes?

Investing in digitization in the insurance industry can help you migrate to a much more efficient paperless office.

That’s where Anderson Archival comes in. We’re prepared to get your documents scanned and ready for viewing and searching with our digitization in the insurance industry!

Digitization Process

Anderson Archival’s digitization process includes quality scanning and organization of files, optical character recognition (OCR), and backup support.

Our scanning provides quality images for reference, but then we take it further by using our OCR technology alongside human proofing for accuracy. The resulting PDFs will be completely searchable and tagged with whatever metadata you specify, and then they will be organized for your benefit.


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