Water Damage

Margin Notes

Handwriting & Defacement

Anderson Archival’s digital document restoration service is a vital resource for organizations, museums, governments, and preservation-minded individuals.

There are countless ways that a physical document can receive damage. Passage of time, natural disaster, water exposure, excessive note-taking, and childhood scribbles can all render pages crumbling and illegible.

How Does Document Restoration Work?

Digital document restoration is all about creating an accurate digital copy of the original document. In the careful scanning process, all aspects of the document are reproduced—including physical damage and print-obscuring aspects. Our digital preservation experts take these digital images through a cleaning process restoring them to their original glory.

Digital document restoration services do not change the original. Instead, this process creates a digital copy that is guaranteed to last in the digital landscape far longer than a physical copy or restoration of the original. This process can also be implemented in the broader effort of creating a digital archive for historical materials. Digitally restored and cleaned documents showcase the original form—preserving it for research, education, and posterity.

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