ARMA St. Louis Honors Anderson Archival and Anderson Technologies


by Marcia Spicer Last month, we celebrated the conclusion of the 2021-2022 season of ARMA St. Louis’s programming. The local chapter of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators, along with the nationwide organization, is made of records management professionals, working in industries as varied as electricity, finance, archives, and—you guessed it—digitization. For the last […]

Fires Rage, History Fades

Physical structures may feel like safe, permanent homes for humanity’s history, but they are also fragile, vulnerable to human error and malice alike.” – Andrew Lapin, NPR If you saw our recent article about the Karpeles Museum fire in St. Louis, you’re well aware of the dangers that threaten physical historical manuscripts. Flood, flame, and […]

How It All Began: The Start of Anderson Archival

Before Anderson Archival, there was Anderson Technologies. It might seem strange that an IT company would branch into digital archiving, but the story behind this expansion showcases what clients of both firms know about us: integrity, dedication, and client focus are core values at the heart of all we do. Our hallmarks include expertise and […]

More Than Bitcoin: Taking Blockchain Technology to Preservation


What do Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have to do with archiving? The technology cryptocurrencies are built on – the blockchain – is drawing attention from those who seek to innovate within all industries, including archival. This is especially relevant for the future of the archival community, as blockchain holds a potential solution to problems of impermanence […]

Casanova Confidential: Harding’s Letters and the Ethics of Preservation

How do we balance our responsibility to accurately record history and our dedication to preserving it ethically? Experienced archivists know how to separate their personal feelings from the materials they set out to preserve. They aren’t always tasked with endorsing the material, but simply preserving it. Dedicated archivists feel obligated to document the past, regardless […]

Keep Your Collection on the Cloud

You are taking the steps to preserve your organization’s collection, but have you considered how your digital archive of data will be accessed? Cloud storage may be the choice for you. Many modern digitized collections utilize cloud technology for document storage. When you are investing in digitization services, it’s important to look at the options […]

Create a Quality Paperless Office for Your Business with Digitizing Services

Historical book lying open

As technology integrates into our daily lives, many small businesses are moving from file cabinets to searchable file databases. Does your small business’ data still exist on paper, or has it been digitized poorly? Document scanning services are the solution. Anderson Archival’s team of document conversion services specialists are experts in making your business more […]