Creative Software Solutions for Your Digital Collection

Now that your collection is digitized, are you struggling with how to best access that collection and share it with the world? Great! We love problem-solving and take a creative, solutions-oriented approach to every archive. Our team of experts has built innovative web applications from the ground up, as well as developed our proprietary software for searching digital archives. Each software development project is thoroughly and methodically crafted to give you the right solution for your individual needs and the needs of your collection.

We start by making sure we understand your needs and then map out a plan to give you the solution best suited for you.  We care about excellence in the upfront strategic thinking process as well as flawless execution all the way through the project to make sure you are delighted with the end product.  We care about amazing user experience and work to ensure 100% satisfaction.

In addition to our technological expertise, we are accustomed to working on personalized collections and other highly confidential projects that require the utmost discretion. You can trust that, from start to finish, your project will be held in confidence and handled with care.

  • Proprietary Digital Collection Software

    One size doesn’t fit all, but when it comes to our proprietary archive software, one size does fit most! For displaying, sharing, searching, and printing your digital collection, this is a solution you’ll be able to test drive soon. Our demonstration software is still in development, but we’ll be sharing it here as soon as it has gone through our rigorous testing process and is ready for you!

  • Web Application Services

    Our clients call us when they have a need that can’t be met by today’s off-the-shelf software development solutions. Whether you need to manage a large collection of data, create a useful search engine for your website, or develop some as-yet-unheard-of web app, give our custom software development experts a call!

  • Custom Software Development

    Need a web application or customized software to share your collection with the world? Let us help! Our software development team has the capability to develop elegant software programs that are modern, and most importantly, designed specifically for you.

Do you have a special project that needs proprietary programming, sensitive data handling, or custom software development?