Document Imaging and Scanning for Business and Preservation

The process of digitizing historical or recent paper documents for electronic storage—known as document imaging—preserves records for digital use. The document imaging specialists at Anderson Archival provide an end result that surpasses the quality of many other document imaging firms.

Because Anderson Archival maintains a focus on accuracy, preservation, and quality, our document imaging services result in second-to-none digital files.

In business, having organized and readable digital copies of your work is essential. Changing from a paper-reliant to a paperless office can make a huge difference in terms of time, storage space, and work efficiency. In addition, digital files are readily available to send and share, making audit processes quick and painless.

Whether preparing for a paperless office or periodic audits, document imaging services can be the solution!

Imaging and Indexing

Digital databases created by Anderson Archival are accessible and efficient. A quick search brings relevant documents to your screen. Indexing makes searching faster and far easier than digging through file cabinets for obscure mentions.


Document imaging services start with careful scanning of all types of originals. Boxes or cabinets full of valuable documentation are put through the backfile process, creating digital copies. These, along with guaranteed backups, circumvent malware, ransomware, and data loss from natural disaster or human error.

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